Plukt | Cold-brew tea SUMMER EVENING

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Calming and balancing. Rich with macrobioms supporting gut health. Blackcurrant leaves provide sweet taste and vitamin A, and works as antioxidant. Meadowsweet provides honey-like aroma and calming effect. Nettle targets longevity, while cumin provides crisp taste. Leaves of Melissa adds sweetness to the brew.

Ingredients: melissa, blackcurrant leaves, cumin, meadowsweet, nettle

This is a cold tea. You don’t pur it with hot water. No, no, no. You pour it with fresh cold water and simply let it simmer for 8 to 10 minutes. That is enought That should do it. You can even add some ice if you fancy that.

And there you go – you can enjoy a fresh SUMMER EVENING COLD TEA, and drink the meadow cold. Neatly packaged in 10 plant-based tea bags.

Certified organic

1 tea bag is suitable for 500ml water.
Instructions: Put 1 tea bags in water bottle. Shake it for about 20 sec. Let it brew for 8-10 minutes. You can enjoy cold brew tea for up to 8 hours.