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Jau online - Skrīveri, Dimdiņi, Kronis un Smiltenes piparkūkas

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Already online - Laima

Already online - Skrīveri, Dimdiņi sauerkraut, Kronis soups and jams and Smiltenes Gingerbread cookies

Already online - Kalev and Lāči

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Welcome to “Letts Shop” online!

Located in Toronto, Canada, “Letts Shop” is the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre’s gift store. Here, online, you will find Latvian goods from all over the world – and many specialty items imported directly from Latvia.

Books, specialty food products, magazines, artwork, crafts, music, films - the list is endless and is always changing and growing!

*** 4 Credit Union Drive, Toronto, ON, M4A 2N8 ***